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Contardi Construction – Mantles

Whether you’re building a custom home, renovating a fixer-upper, or simply refreshing your current home, everyone knows that it is all in the details. Simply adding some crown molding to your living room, or even adding some new hardware to your kitchen could make all the difference and catch the eye of any future visitors. However, a detail many people overlook during home projects is the potential of a fireplace mantel. With the right attention and creativity, your fireplace mantel could become the showstopper piece within your home, no question. If you’re looking to spice up the design of your new home or home renovation, Contardi Construction can help by providing handmade wooden fireplace mantels. 

A mantel can give you a great way to customize the design of your home year round, not just at Christmas time. There are many things you can do to make your fireplace mantel the centerpiece of your home. You could stick to decorating it for different holiday seasons, or you could even display all of your favorite family photos along with some candles, plants, or books.

A mantel is truly a place in your home where you can allow yourself to be creative, and is a great way to bring your home together. 

While a mantel can be a creative way to add decorations to your home, the mantel itself can be an art piece that you put on display. For those in the tri-state area of Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina seeking a unique and intricate mantel to add to their home, Bryan Contardi with Contardi Construction is pleased to offer handcrafted wooden fireplace mantels. Contardi Construction has been serving this area since 1993, so you can trust us when we say that a showstopper mantel is exactly what your home needs. 

handcrafted mantel in workshop in blue ridge
mantel handcrafted in blue ridge ga

These handcrafted mantels are not only a great way to decorate your home, but also a great way to support local business. Bryan Contardi hand-saws these mantels at his own farm here in Blue Ridge, Georgia, making each one beautiful and completely unique. Bryan takes extra steps to ensure that the quality of the mantels he creates is on par with their beauty; instead of air-drying his wood like many other mantel creators, Contardi kiln-dries his wood directly on his farm. Kiln-drying the wood used for his mantels ensures that no mold or insects of any kind will be present in the wod, making the mantels great quality and long lasting. 

If you’re looking to add a beautiful, unique, and handcrafted mantel to your home, contact us at Contardi Construction today. We look forward to helping you along on your creative home-projects journey.